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Modern health tracking made simple

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Track anything

More than just a mood tracker. #trackit gives you the control and flexibility to track anything with a beautifully simple interface, built purposely for iPhone and Apple Watch.

Tracking your health, emotions, and more over time can be the only way to detect patterns, irregularities, and improvements. We think this should be simple.

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Relax with reminders

Set it and never forget it. With unlimited daily reminders, scheduled for times that suit you. #trackit makes it easy to never forget to log an entry, crucial for getting consistent data for later insights.

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Log in seconds

Focus on your life, not your logging. Log directly from a notification, without needing to ever open #trackit.

Simple right? We know, we love it! No more fumbling through menus and tapping the same buttons over and over again. It's really fast.

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Improve your self

Your life is now charting. Scroll seamlessly back through time and see how your data changed per hour, day, week, or month.

Easily discover trends, compare time periods, and gain insights easily.

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I created #trackit to track my chronic pain, since then I've become pain-free and am back to running and exercising.

Picture of Jordi


Software Developer

Tracking my hunger has given me self awareness around my eating habits. This has been so important with managing my weight.

Picture of Valeriya


Instagram Model

During my pregnancy I started tracking my nausea. Showing this data to my doctor was so easy and invaluable.

Picture of Sami


Registered Nurse

I experience occasional strong migraines. #trackit is giving me insight into my triggers and patterns.

Picture of Ryan



Tracking my mood has actually made me happier too, each time I track it, it helps me be more aware of how I'm feeling.

Picture of Karen


Business Owner

What would you track?

Additional Features

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Get started straight away with automatic backup and sync between devices via iCloud. Your data is safe.

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Quick Log

Log multiple trackers at once on one screen, either via the app or opening a notification.

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Watch App

Track it anywhere, anytime. Create trackers and add entries independant to your iPhone. iCloud sync included.

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Never will we know what you are tracking, this data never leaves your device or iCloud. Your data is secure.

Upcoming Features

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Health Integration

Utilise the vast amount of data that is automatically collected in the Apple Health app. Compare your trackers against your exercise, minutes sitting, nutrition, and more.

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Siri Support

Log entries even easier with your voice. Use Siri to add an entry handsfree, so you're always able to track it.

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Integrate #trackit into your daily routines. Make logging a part of your morning schedule, post workout routine, and more.

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Making notes chartable. Tags are a new take on notes that let you tag anything at any time, so you can later view how this affected you in your charts.